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Founders Club

HYSTA founders’ club is a close-knit communal space for top-tech entrepreneurs to build connections, inspire, and support each other.


This closed-door event will gather top-tier VC & PE decision-makers, selected successful entrepreneurs, and founders of incubators and accelerators, who want to grow.

Exclusive Package For Startups 

This is a limited offer. A maximum of 30 startups will be selected.

Benefits Including:

  • Annual Pass to Founder's Club events 

  • Featured logo slides display at HYSTA events

  • Access to the 2022 inaugural Founder's Club event on 09/25/2022

  • Special ticket discounts for HYSTA 2022 Annual Conference

  • Access to various HYSTA events including but not limited to lunch and dinner meetings, focus sessions, and other social events

  • Mentorship from experienced founders in diverse industries and priority access to serial entrepreneurs, executives, and consultants

  • Membership in an elite network consisting of well-connected, like-minded individuals.

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*Applicable to individuals; Membership rights cannot be transferred. 

Member Benefits

Join HYSTA Founders' Club now to unlock more benefits!


Be part of the elite network of VC, founders and executives. Six degrees of separation suggests that all people are six or fewer social connections away from each other. We want to bring those connections closer to you!

Professional Development

Being a founder, it comes with lifelong learning – we want to make sure you’re covered. Our collective group not only brings a wealth of knowledge to share but possesses ravenous appetite for continued learning. 


We will hold highly focused events tailored to demand from members. Including but not limited to lunch and dinner meetings, focus sessions, social events and annual conference. Join us and meet your future clients and potential partners.


Priority access to serial entrepreneurs, executives and consultants to discuss how to clarify a vision, optimize a product, solidify a strategy, and scale a business. 


Staying intimate is the No. 1 key. That’s why we capped our membership count in order to ensure all members get a “best friend” experience. We are all in this together, some of the best ideas come out of small talks with a peer. It’s all about staying engaged and supporting one another.

Grow Brand Awareness

HYSTA owns proprietary advertising channels including our Newsletter (with over 15,000 reach), WeChat Official Account, Meetup Group, YouTube; Social Media Accounts including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, which have a combined follower of over 50,000 people. We help startups design original and customized content that precisely target the right audience.

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HYSTA is an innovation tech community created for

entrepreneurial leaders in silicon valley.

We'd love to help you find your ideal resources, so please connect with us by filling out this confidential form.

We will respond immediately and look forward to cooperate with you to achieve for bigger success!

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