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About this event

We are excited to announce the 2023 HYSTA Annual Conference will take place on October 14-15, 2023, at the Q Bay Center in San Jose, California. This year’s conference will focus on “Seizing the moment and excelling together!”.

These are challenging times, but the Chinese-American community is more determined than ever to excel in their leadership and entrepreneurial contributions to society. This mission has united leaders from various industries to share insights at previous conferences, including Jack Ma, Co-founder and Former Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group, Jerry Yang, Co-Founder and former CEO of Yahoo Inc., and Kai-Fu Lee, CEO of Sinovation Ventures. We believe that by connecting, learning, and working together, we can overcome these challenges, advance our goals, and create a better future for all.

DAY 1: HYSTA Annual Conference + VIP Banquet

HYSTA Annual Conference (9:00 am - 5:30 pm)

- Location: Q Bay Center, 160 E Tasman Dr, San Jose, CA 95134

The first day of the conference will feature keynote speeches from industry luminaries and tech experts, fireside chats with successful executives and AAPI community leaders, and panel sessions with representations from young entrepreneurs investors, to IPO company CEOs and seasoned executives in large corporations.

Evening Session: VIP Banquet (6:30 pm - 9:30 pm)

- Location: Hyatt Regency Santa Clara

In addition to the conference program, we will also be hosting an evening VIP banquet. We will take this opportunity to present awards to a select group of individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of our communities. We hope that you will join us for this exciting event.

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Day 2: HYSTA Founders Club Pitch Day

Founders Club Pitch Day (12:00 am - 5:30 pm)

- Location: Invite Only. Apply for HYSTA Founders Club

HYSTA founders’ club is a close-knit communal space for top tech entrepreneurs to build connections, inspire, and support each other. This closed-door event gathered top-tier VC & PE decision-makers, selected successful entrepreneurs, and founders of incubators and accelerators, who want to grow.


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Qi Lu

Founder and CEO Miracle Plus

Cheng Liu

Founder, President and CEO Eureka Therapeutics

Ding Zhou

VP of Content Engineering Snap

Weijie Yun

Founder and Managing Partner, Tyche Partners

Rajat Suri

Co-Founder of Lima, Co-Founder of Lyft, Founder of Presto

Norma Chu

Founder, DayDayCook

Jack Xu

Founding Managing Partner, Seven Seas Partners

Shau Zhang

Partner and Americas Leader of Chinese Investment EY

Howie Xu

Stanford guest lecturer, Serial entrepreneur

Chino Yang

Established Chinese Rapper/Restaurateur

Jun Wu

Renowned investor and expert in AI, NLP and Web Search

Ping Wu

CEO Cresta

Connie Chan

General Partner Andreessen Horowitz

Li Fan

CTO, Circle

Tony Lee

Fortune 500 CISO. Entrepreneur. Startup Advisor

Stephanie Yi

Founder and CEO, AlphaX RE Capital

Tse-Jae King Liu

Dean and Roy W. Carlson Professor of Engineering, UCB

Chenxi Wang

Founding and Managing General Partner Rain Capital

Alec Wang

Founder and President of Tana Investment Group, President of Brenance

Li Song

Managing Director, Silicon Valley Bank

Bill Jia

VP of Engineering Meta

Vincent Yang

Co-founder and CEO Firework

Miao Hong

Founding Partner Silicon Valley Future Capital

Yangqing Jia

Founder and CEO, Lepton AI

Lili Zheng

Partner, Deloitte

Lilian Weng

Head of Safety Systems Team, Open AI

Linda Zhou

Partner, K&L Gates

Zheng Bu

Co-Founder & CEO Kaamel Technology

Dawei Feng

VP of Client Computing Group, General Manager of Segment, Marketing at Intel

John Lu

COO, MORE Health

Lei Yang

VP of Engineering Linkedin

Alan Ren

Head of Engineering & Ecosystem, VMware AI Labs

Alireza Masrour

General Partner Plug & Play

Min Wang

CTO, Splunk Inc

Eugene Zhang

Co-Founder, TSVC

Andy Wang

General Manager of North America, Lark

Lewis Hong

Co-Founder and General Partner, FP Solutions VC

James Chen

Chairman of Tsinghua Entrepreneur & Executive Club(TEEC) US

Buck Lee

NorCal Regional Chairman Committee of 100

Tony Zhao

Partner, Tyche Partners

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors





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